NOTE: Nothing should be hung out in bright sun
Never tumble dry
I do not recommend Dry Cleaning


Hand wash separately in lukewarm water with 1/2 a cup of cooking salt to stop the colours from running.

Preferred – Organic liquid cleaner like Amway’s LOC or Nutrimetic’s Nutraclean. They are both coconut oil based and draw out deep down dirt. I also put in a little eucalyptus oil as it helps to stop the fibres drying out and turning yellow as dry cleaning can do.

Swish the garment around a bit in the water and if you have any stubborn marks, give them a gentle rub with SARD or EXIT soap. You will be surprised to how much dirt the fabric will hold when you see the colour of the water. Don’t leave to soak too long so around 15- 20 mins is fine.

Rinse the garment out in lukewarm water and I usually do 2 rinses as any soap residue will attract dirt.

Wrap the garment in a towel and put in the machine on spin only to spin all the excess water out and then hang to dry.


Wash as per kilts & aboynes but when hanging to dry, give it a shake every so often so the velvet pile fluffs up.


Remove collar first.
White hornpipes can be thrown in with lights and blue can be thrown in with darks as normal wash.
Wash and line dry.
May need light iron


Can all be thrown in with your other lights


Gentle machine up cold up to 30 degrees wash